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Behind the mic: Breaking Loos! How you have to be prepared to be creative to break the big stories.

By Alex Crook

For any journalist nothing beats the buzz of being the first to break a major story and that is what happened for two our geeks when Mark Hughes was fired by Southampton earlier this week.

Sam first revealed on talkSPORT on Saturday prior to commentating Saints’ enthralling 2-2 draw with Manchester United that Hughes had to win one of his next three games to keep his job.

However, alarm bells started to ring for Alex just 24 hours later when the club failed to send out their usual email invitation for Hughes’ pre-match press conference ahead of his side’s mid-week trip to Tottenham.

That gut instinct that Hughes was on the brink sparked a frantic Monday morning of phone calls and messages to the pair’s contacts and, with Sam’s assistance, Alex was able to break the news live on talkSPORT prior to the official club announcement.

Once Hughes’ departure was confirmed the focus then switched to a potential successor.

First all roads appeared to lead to former Watford chief Quiche Sanchez Flores, who we knew had met with the Saints board the previous week.

However, that proved to be a red herring as sources in Germany told us the new man at the St Mary’s helm would actually be the ex-RB Leipzig head coach Ralph Hasenhuttl.

Queue more frantic text and WhatsApp exchanges and soon enough Alex was back on the Jim White show on talkSPORT breaking that news – from the salubrious surroundings of TRAIN TOILET!

The unusual setting was because Alex was on his way to London to meet Sam and record our interview with commentary legend John Motson, which you can hear on this week’s podcast.

The rapidly-developing story also meant Sam and Alex had to re record the opening section of the podcast to bring our loyal listeners bang up-to-date with the day’s developments and provide an insight into how breaking news works.

We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labours!


Alex Crook

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